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Tennessee Loveless

Tennessee Loveless

Tennessee Loveless is a Los Angeles based Pop/ Op artist, whose work drips with irony, considering the fact that he is severely colorblind. Tennessee understands hues from a pigment and formulaic concept, his color choices are based on the fundamentals of color theory and word association of the color, rather than the actual color itself. His palette selections are mathematical and planned out through precise geometric composition; so that he can communicate beauty to the one thing he is blind to. 

Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, Tennessee watched his peers identify and collect information based on this invisible force that they called color. He began to work within two worlds, one that operated in his own vision, and the other that he attempted to relate to the rest of the world. This disconnect manifested itself as a fascination with the unknown, and he began to feverishly occupy his mind with the fundamental understanding of a chromatic world. 

His disassociation with color in his early years has made him obsessed with the formation of patterns, objects and shapes. He became attracted to the deconstruction of white space and became captivated with the idea of filling anything lacking in form with pattern. Later, he attached color values to his subjects as he learned color theory which hues complemented and contrasted each other. 

His synesthesia allows him to communicate hue choices objectively and as a result his work is largely dedicated to the story-telling element of color, expression, and pattern. The emotional pull of this process produces a crossing of the senses. He believes in painting people and fictional characters in a way that strike an emotional and nostalgic connection in the viewer. 

Tennessee is currently being represented by Linda Jones Enterprises as part of the Chuck Jones Centennial Homage series and Disney Fine Art for all Disney related works. He continues to create his private collection based on starlets, celebrities, and underground drag culture.