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Markus Pierson

Markus Pierson

Dynamic. Outrageous. Sensational. These words describe the work of Markus Pierson. His series of coyote images portray a romantic, carefree life that seduces and intrigues the viewer. Though his images are decidedly light-hearted, there is a serious side to his work that goes beyond the up-front humor. “It is a difficult task to create art that is witty and have it be considered valid, but I am determined,” says the artist. 

Pierson was born in Lansing, Michigan in 1961. He began drawing at the age of four and even then, humor dominated his artwork. While studying fine arts, he majored in printmaking and soon began showing at local galleries. It was his work as a photo realist for a billboard company that most influenced his style today. 

Pierson began the coyote series in June of 1986 after the break-up of a romance. “She left me for a more dangerous sort of fellow. Ah, nice guys finish last.” He says. “Anyway, I decided to do a drawing depicting that situation using coyotes and the series was born.”

The series is marking its 20th year and with that milestone comes reflections from the artist, “Hard to believe, but the twentieth year of The Coyote Series is upon us. Twenty years of jaw-dropping, mind-numbing victories, teeth-gnashing, heartbreaking failures, and everything in between. I might be the most alternately exalted, misunderstood, overrated and underestimated person I’ve ever met. Twenty years now and, safe to say, that The Coyotes have come a long way since their start as hopeful little drawings made in a cold, tiny, rundown apartment in Jackson, Michigan, their sole purpose to lift the spirits of their down-on-his-luck author, me. To my great surprise, The Coyote Series has become one of the most widely collected, longest lasting and successful bodies of artwork in history.”


Exhibited internationally in galleries and recently honored with a retrospective at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, St. Joseph, Missouri, in the summer of 2005, Marcus Pierson continues to delight and amaze critics and collectors with the adventures (and misadventures) of his iconic Coyotes. The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to represent the art of Marcus Pierson.