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Lawrence Noble

Lawrence Noble

“Art helps us find some of the mysteries [of life] and not necessarily solve them, but at least identify that they are there in our lives. Art is one of those languages that allow us to realize the depth and resonance of our existence.”


For over 30 years, sculptor Lawrence Noble has been answering the call of these mysteries through his sculpture. He considers himself an American sculptor, in the mode of the Romantic sculptors of the late 19th century, Augustus Saint Gaudens and Daniel Chester French.


His early artistic career included designing and illustrating motion picture advertising campaigns including “Time After Time”; “Flash Gordon”; “Sharky’s Machine”; “The Empire Strikes Back” (10th Anniversary Poster) and more recently, he has produced sculptures for “Searching for Bobby Fischer” and “The Rock”. Noble designed an Olympic Gold Medal for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and he sculpted the “Daytona 500″ trophy.


Noble’s first bronze sculpture, a life size equestrian monument to Civil War General, Philip H. Sheridan was unveiled i nChicago in June of 1990. He also sculpted the 7′ bronze statue of Jack Benny which is located at the Epicenter, home of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Minor League Baseball Team. Noble produced the “Car of the Year” award for Playboy Magazine from 1990 – 1995 and is a regular contributor to the magazine, including the Millennium Issue (January, 2000).


Noble gradually moved into what he calls the applied art of sculpture, doing mostly large-scale public pieces. “I realized shortly after I started sculpting that I was tapping into the things I was most interested in as a child,” he explains. “It had later manifested into graphic art and illustration, but the primal root of it seemed to be that I had a fascination with building three-dimensional objects.”


Noble was selected by the California Fire Foundation to produce a bronze monument titled Holding the Line. This memorial to California firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty is located in historic Capitol Park in Sacramento, California. Noble Studio was also commissioned to design and sculpt the San Bernardino County Peace Officers’ Memorial, a ten foot tall bronze monument to Peace Officers killed in the line of duty.


The 61 year-old artist/sculptor, born in Tampa,Florida, raised and educated in Houston,Texas, has resided in a mountain community in southern California for the last seventeen years with his wife, Elizabeth and their children Casey Josephine and John Marlay. Linda Jones Enterprises is pleased to publish and represent the sculpture, drawings and graphic editions of Lawrence Noble.