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Eric & Bill Teitelbaum

Eric and Bill Teitelbaum are acclaimed Cartoonists, Producers, and Educators. 

The brothers Teitelbaum co-created the internationally syndicated "Pink Panther" comic strip, developed for MGM and distributed by Tribune Media Services. They are also the creators and artists for "Bottomliners," the nationally syndicated business cartoon. They have produced animated special effects for network television and well as animation program development for Aaron Spelling Productions and ABC. 

Born in Palm Springs, California, the brothers are two of seven siblings. Their father was a frustrated lawyer, but an aspiring comedy writer; Bill and Eric would illustrate his captions and then try to sell them to major magazines. At 12 years-old, Bill sold his first cartoon to a national magazine; by his early 20s, Eric had sold cartoons and drawings to Look, Family Circle, and Parade magazines. 

At heart, the brothers are story-tellers—very short stories—written messages illustrated by cartoons. Regardless of the length of the story, Eric and Bill try to convey a feeling, an impression, an emotion. Whether it’s a satirical piece for The New Yorker…a color visual of the Pink Panther, or simply Bill drawing a quick color sketch of his beloved Collie, Matisse, their work is fundamentally tied to a feeling—sometimes a fleeting one—but they try to capture the essence of that feeling through picture-making. 

As educators, Bill and Eric have created hundreds of classes, seminars and distance learning workshops that have been accredited as certificated offerings through leading educational institutions nationwide—a partial list includes the University of California, the State Universities of New York, Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico.  From Professional Development Programs addressing topics in Entertainment Design and New Media to “Programs for Youth” including Cartooning, Fine Arts, Digital Design, and Computer Game Development, they have developed highly regarded offerings. 

Their work in the field of education has been rewarded with a variety of important accolades, including:

  •  Distinguished Alumni Award—California State University, Los Angeles
  • Educator of the Year Award—California State University, San Bernardino
  • Distinguished Lecturer/1000 Hour Award—University of California, Riverside  
  • Master of Creativity Award—Chinese Ministry of Education, Beijing                                                                                  

Bill is a former Vice-President of Licensing with CBS/KingWorld and has worked on such compelling projects as “The Power Rangers.” He holds a BA in Advertising Design from CSULA and was an undergraduate instructor of Journalism and Design at his alma mater.


Eric earned both his BA in Art and Teaching Credentials at UCLA, and an MA Advertising Design from CSULA. He is a recent recipient of the "Teacher of the Year Award" from California State University. His drawings also appear in The New Yorker, Forbes and other leading publications.


The Chuck Jones Gallery is pleased to represent the original art of Eric and Bill Teitelbaum.