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Cory Bennett

Born and raised in the city of bright lights and fantasy that is Las Vegas, urban artist Cory Bennett has taken his art to a new level. After graduating with an art degree from the University of San Luis Obispo, Cory moved on to, and is now exploring the streets  of Long Beach California. Hints of beach life and the landscape of this great state is rampant throughout in his work . 

Working in mixed media, Bennett has created his own unique style of art that combines a “street” style with never ending subject matter. In the end, each painting allows the viewer to step into a nostalgic dream and the creative mind of Cory Bennett. 

Cory Bennett: “ I learned long ago that art is much more than just a visual concept. It is a feeling of emotion and most of all a way of life. It is an expression of my imagination and an application of my creativity”.